Project 1197: G. S. Garbino. 2015. How many marmoset (Primates: Cebidae: Callitrichinae) genera are there? A phylogenetic analysis based on multiple morphological systems. Cladistics. 31 (6):652-678.
This project has 30 taxa.
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Mico acariensis (Roosmalen, Roosmalen, Mittermeier & Rylands, 2000) 
Mico argentatus (Linnaeus, 1777) 
Mico chrysoleucos (Wagner, 1842) 
Mico emiliae (Thomas, 1920) 
Mico humeralifer (Geoffroy, 1812) 
Mico humilis (Roosmalen, Roosmalen, Mittermeier & Fonseca, 1998) 
Mico intermedius (Hershkovitz, 1977) 
Mico leucippe Thomas, 1922 
Mico marcai (Alperin, 1993) 
Mico mauesi (Mittermeier, Schwarz & Ayres, 1992) 
Mico melanurus (Geoffroy, 1812) 
Mico nigriceps (Ferrari & Lopes, 1992) 
Mico rondoni Ferrari, Sena, Schneider & Silva-Júnior, 2010 
Mico saterei (Silva-Júnior & Noronha, 1998)