Project 175: A. E. Syme, T. H. Oakley. 2011. Dispersal between Shallow and Abyssal Seas and Evolutionary Loss and Re-gain of Compound Eyes in Cylindroleberidid Ostracods: Conflicting Conclusions from Different Comparative Methods. Systematic Biology. Advance Access (10.1093/sysbio/syr085).
This project has 205 taxa.
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Showing 45 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'P'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Parasterope gamurru 53 
Parasterope gamurru 55 
Parasterope aberrata 
Parasterope anommata 
Parasterope antyx 
Parasterope crinita 
Parasterope gamurru j53224 
Parasterope gamurru j53225 
Parasterope maddocksae 
Parasterope mauritiana 
Parasterope mckenziei 
Parasterope micrommata 
Parasterope muelleri 
Parasterope pacifica 
Parasterope physinx 
Parasterope pollex 
Parasterope prolixa 
Parasterope pseudoquadrata 
Parasterope sequax 
Parasterope sohni 
Parasterope sp. j57072 
Parasterope sp. 105 
Parasterope styx 
Parasterope whatleyi 
Parasterope zamboangae 
Parasterope zeta 
Polyleberis mackenziei *
Postasterope barensi 79 *
Postasterope barensi 73 *
Postasterope corrugata 63 
Postasterope messingi 65 *
Postasterope abaco 
Postasterope barensi j57078 
Postasterope barensi j57079 
Postasterope barensi 
Postasterope corrugata j57080 
Postasterope corrugata 
Postasterope messingi j57077 
Postasterope messingi 
Prionotoleberis gyion *
Prionotoleberis lux *
Prionotoleberis pax *
Prionotoleberis rex *
Prionotoleberis salomani *
Pteromeniscus intesi *