Project 2621: Lars Ramskold, Lars Werdelin. 1991. The Phylogeny and Evolution of Some Phacopid Trilobites. Cladistics. 7 (1):29-74.
This project has 48 taxa.
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Showing 13 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'P'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Paciphacops birdsongensis *
Paciphacops campbelli *
Paciphacops claviger *
Paciphacops crossei *
Paciphacops eldredgei *
Paciphacops hudsonicus *
Paciphacops latigenalis *
Paciphacops logani *
Paciphacops serratus *
Paciphacops sp. nov *
Phacops iowensis *
Phacops rana *
Podowrinella *