Project 2789: A. Bignon, B. G. Waisfeld, E. N. Vaccari, B. D. E. Chatterton. 2019. Reassessment of the Order Trinucleida (Trilobita). Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. (In Press)
This project has 91 taxa.
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Showing 10 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'P'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Parabolina acanthura (Angelin, 1854) *
Parkesolithus gradyi Campbell & Durham, 1970 *
Pragolithus praecedens (Kloucek, 1916) *
Proceratopyge cf. p. lata Park, Kihm, Woo, Kim & Lee, 2016 *
Protoincaia ancestor Baldis & Pöthe, 1995 *
Pseudampyxina trisegmentata Ju in Qiu et al., 1983 *
Pterocephalia norfordi Chatterton & Ludvigsen, 1998 *
Ptychoparia striata (Emmrich, 1839) *
Pyrimetopus pyrifrons (Harrington, 1938) *
Pytine wirayasqa Vaccari, Waisfeld, Chatterton & Edgecombe, 2006 *