Project 2532: C. Foth, O. W. Rauhut. 2017. Re-evaluation of the Haarlem Archaeopteryx and the radiation of maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 17 (1):null.
This project has 134 taxa.
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Showing 16 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'S'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Sapeornis *
Saurornithoides *
Saurornitholestes *
Segnosaurus *
Shenzhousaurus *
Shuvuuia *
Similicaudipteryx *
Sinornithoides *
Sinornithomimus *
Sinornithosaurus *
Sinosauropteryx *
Sinovenator *
Sinraptor *
Sinusonasus *
Songlingornis *
Struthiomimus *