Project 1133: L. J. Legendre, E. Bourdon, R. P. Scofield, A. J. D. Tennyson, H. Lamrous, A. de Ricqlès, J. Cubo. 2014. Bone histology, phylogeny, and palaeognathous birds (Aves, Palaeognathae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 112 (4):688–700.
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2 Documents

Original character matrix, untransformed (Downloaded 4 times )
Values are compiled by species for each character. "?" = missing data.
Phylogenetic estimators (Downloaded 1 time )
List of 62 osteohistological features measured for this study, with p-values for each estimator of phylogenetic signal we used (Pagel’s λ, Blomberg’s K, Diniz-Filho’s PVR and Abouheif’s Cmean) and for each phylogeny we used (Bourdon, de Ricqlès & Cubo, 2009; Worthy & Scofield, 2012; Haddrath & Baker, 2012; Smith et al., 2013). Significant p-values (i.e. p<0.05) are highlighted in red.