Project 1262: K. T. Stilson, C. J. Bell, J. I. Mead. 2017. Patterns of Variation in the Cranial Osteology of Three Species of Endemic Australian lizards (Ctenophorus: Squamata: Agamidae): Implications for the Fossil Record and Morphological Analyses made with Limited Sample Sizes. Journal of Herpetology. 51 (3):316-329.
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4 Documents

Character State Pictures (Downloaded 4 times )
Pictures for most of the character states described in this study. Character states not pictured are noted in the document.
Supplementary File 1 (Downloaded 2 times )
Measurements and character states of all taxa in this study. Taxa originally included in the analysis and then removed are included in the excel file as well.
Supplementary File 2 (Downloaded 2 times )
Excel File with correlation coefficient calculations for all taxa included in the study.