Project 2336: M. R. Borths, P. A. Holroyd, E. R. Seiffert. 2016. Hyainailourine and teratodontine cranial material from the late Eocene of Egypt and the application of parsimony and Bayesian methods to the phylogeny and biogeography of Hyaenodonta (Placentalia, Mammalia). PeerJ. 4:e2639.
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7 Documents

Bayesian "Tip-Dating" File
MrBayes file utilized as part of Bayesian tip-dating analysis. See manuscript for parameters.
Character descriptions with citations (Downloaded 2 times )
Character descriptions used in the analysis with references to character sources
Most Parsimonious Trees from Parsimony analysis
Generated in TNT
Standard Bayesian File (Downloaded 1 time )
MrBayes file used for Standard Bayesian analysis
Standard Bayesian Topology
Topology generated in MrBayes with standard Bayesian methods (does not include time parameters)
Taxa age references
Supplementary document with citations for age estimates used for each taxon in the tip-dating analysis
Tip-Dating Topology and statistics
Topology generated in MrBayes for Bayesian tip-dating analysis. Tree includes statistics generated by the analysis.