Project 470: E. G. Ekdale, A. Berta, T. A. Deméré. 2011. The Comparative Osteology of the Petrotympanic Complex (Ear Region) of Extant Baleen Whales (Cetacea: Mysticeti). PLOS ONE. 6 (6):e21311.
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Table S1 (Downloaded 1 time )
List of extant mysticetes studied
Table S2 (Downloaded 2 times )
Measurements of tympanic bulla of balaenid and neobalaenid species
Table S3 (Downloaded 4 times )
Measurements of bulla of balaenopterid and eschrichtiid species
Table S4 (Downloaded 2 times )
Tympanic bulla anterior lobe measurements among mysticetes
Table S5 (Downloaded 1 time )
Tympanic bulla conical process measurements among mysticetes
Table S6 (Downloaded 1 time )
Petrosal measurements among mysticetes