Project 694: T. J. GAUDIN. 2004. Phylogenetic relationships among sloths (Mammalia, Xenarthra, Tardigrada): the craniodental evidence. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 140 (2):255-305.
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4 Documents

Gaudin.1995.The.ear.region.of.edentates.pdf (Downloaded 5 times )
Gaudin 1995. Necessary reference for the 2004 paper.
Gaudin.2004_data.matrix.nex (Downloaded 15 times )
Gaudin 2004 data matrix - saved from Mesquite (Downloaded 13 times )
PAUP block includes all settings (ordering, topological constraints, polymorphism treatment, outgroups, heuristic search, etc.) and completes the search. Also saves the 2MPTs and the Strict Consensus.
Gaudin.2004.Phylogenetic.relationships.among.sloths.pdf (Downloaded 6 times )
Gaudin 2004 manuscript.