Project 1117: I. J. Garzón-Orduña, O. Marini-Filho, S. G. Johnson, C. M. Penz. 2013. Phylogenetic relationships of Hamadryas (Nymphalidae: Biblidinae) based on the combined analysis of morphological and molecular data. Cladistics. 29 (6):629-642.
Specimen: Hamadryas glauconome (unvouchered)


A new phylogenetic hypothesis for the Neotropical butterfly genus Hamadryas, based on the combination of a morphological matrix, one mitochondrial (COI) and four nuclear markers (CAD, RpS5, EF1a, and Wingless), is presented. Results from analyses of the molecular evidence are compared with a previously published morphological phylogeny. Molecular data and the analysis of the complete dataset support the monophyly of Hamadryas and most sister groups suggested by morphological data alone. The addition of DNA sequences to the morphological matrix helped define species groups for which no morphological synapomorphies were found. Partitioned Bremer support indicates that COI, CAD, and morphology were consistently in agreement with the combined evidence tree. In contrast, signal from the nuclear markers Rps5, EF1a, and Wingless showed indifference at most levels of the tree, and minor conflict at nodes solving the relationships between species groups. Though resolved, the combined evidence tree shows low resample values, particularly among species groups whose relationships were characterized by short internodes. A reassessment about the pattern of character change for sound production is presented and discussed.

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Project DOI: 10.7934/P1117,
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