Project 1271: J. Bardin, I. Rouget, F. Cecca. 2016. Ontogenetic Data Analyzed As Such in Phylogenies. Systematic Biology. 66 (1):23-37. (In Press)
This project has 27 taxa.
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Supraspecific Taxa including those with no specified Linnaean Rank

† Amaltheidae 

Genus, Subgenus, Species, Subspecies

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Amaltheus bifurcus 
Amaltheus conspectus 
Amaltheus gibbosus 
Amaltheus gloriosus 
Amaltheus gloriosus w 
Amaltheus repressus 
Amaltheus salebrosus 
Amaltheus stokesi 
Amaltheus striatus 
Amaltheus subbifurvus 
Amaltheus subnodosus 
Amaltheus talrosei 
Amaltheus viligaensis 
Amaltheus wertheri 
Amauroceras ferruginum 
Oistoceras figulinum 
Pleuroceras apyrenum 
Pleuroceras becheteri 
Pleuroceras hawskerense 
Pleuroceras paucicostatum 
Pleuroceras quadratum 
Pleuroceras solare 
Pleuroceras spinatum 
Pleuroceras transiens 
Pleuroceras yeovilense