Project 199: G. Giribet, P. P. Sharma, L. R. Benavides, S. L. Boyer, R. M. Clouse, B. L. de Bivort, D. Dimitrov, G. Y. Kawauchi, J. Y. Murienne, P. J. Schwendinger. 2012. Evolutionary and biogeographical history of an ancient and global group of arachnids (Arachnida: Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi) with a new taxonomic arrangement. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 105 (1):92-130.
This project has 318 taxa.
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Showing 54 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'M'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Manangotria *
Manangotria taolanaro *
Marwe *
Marwe coarctata *
Megahalaya sp_dna101767 *
Meghalaya *
Meghalaya annandalei *
Meghalaya sp_dna101094_500 *
Meghalaya sp_dna101494_506_765 *
Meghalaya sp_dna102051 *
Meghalaya sp_dna103242_3_4 *
Meghalaya sp_dna103251 *
Meghalaya sp_dna103265 *
Metagovea disparunguis 
Metagovea dna101667 (picachos) 
Metagovea dna101667 
Metagovea dna101677 (big) 
Metagovea dna101677 
Metagovea dna101678 
Metagovea ligiae 
Metagovea philipi 
Metagovea planada 
Metagovea sp pasto_dna101642 
Metagovea sp valle_dna101686 
Metagovea sp nambi_dna101409 
Metagovea sp chiribiquete dna101661 
Metagovea sp chiriboga 
Metagovea sp huila_dna101670 
Metagovea sp guacharos_dna101660 
Metagovea sp tena 
Metagovea sp leticia_dna101408 
Metagovea sp yanayacu 
Metagovea sp buga (florezi) 
Metagovea sp apaporis 
Metagovea sp tatama_dna102151m 
Metagovea sp caldas_dna101680 
Metagovea sp valle_dna101685 
Metagovea sp heremberg 
Metagovea sp planada_dna101654 
Metagovea sp nambi_dna101410 
Metagovea sp_dna101678 small 
Metasiro americanus 
Microgovia ayanganna 
Microgovia oviformis 
Miopsalis pulicaria 
Miopsalis sp_dna101468_950 
Miopsalis sp_dna101517 
Miopsalis sp_dna101519 
Miopsalis sp_dna102032_53_58 
Miopsalis sp_dna103249 
Miopsalis sp_dna103254 
Miopsalis sp_dna103259