Project 2220: M. F. Simon, J. F. Pastore, A. F. Souza, L. M. Borges, V. R. Scalon, P. G. Ribeiro, J. Santos-Silva, V. C. Souza, L. P. Queiroz. 2016. Molecular Phylogeny of Stryphnodendron (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) and Generic Delimitations in the Piptadenia Group. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 177 (1):44-59.
This project has 398 taxa.
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Showing 159 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'S'.

* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Senegalia nigrescens LJB 17951 
Senegalia nigrescens NCC 29365 
Senegalia nigrescens KLT 1056 
Senegalia nigrescens DCP 34777 
Senegalia nigrescens 
Senegalia nigrescens JLB 1042 
Stryphnodendron adstringens VRS22 CEN612 
Stryphnodendron adstringens WRA 8638 
Stryphnodendron adstringens VRS3 CEN594 
Stryphnodendron adstringens 
Stryphnodendron adstringens VRS6 CEN597 
Stryphnodendron adstringens GE 7793 
Stryphnodendron adstringens VRS9 CEN599 
Stryphnodendron adstringens FEEP 205 
Stryphnodendron adstringens JBM sn NY 00934640 
Stryphnodendron adstringens WG 1237 
Stryphnodendron adstringens HSI 5118 
Stryphnodendron adstringens MLF 377 
Stryphnodendron adstringens GH 27984 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum VRS20 CEN610 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum NTS 57858 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum BASP 2988 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum HSB 343 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum gb trnLF 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum HSI 14431 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum VRS21 CEN611 
Stryphnodendron coriaceum JMP 51915 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae HSI 9770 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae NMC s.n. NY 00934844 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae GLE CFCR 15489 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae WRA 8086 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae HSI 20430 
Stryphnodendron cristalinae VRS35 CEN623 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum CAC 10245 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum FD 118 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum gb 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum Simon1606 CEN1001 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum LOAT 1115 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum Simon1343 CEN582 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum MFS 1457 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum WWT 5039 
Stryphnodendron duckeanum LOAT 587 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum RTP 913 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum TK 1909 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum TK 1158 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum VRS19 CEN609 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum RMH 10273 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum RS 1631 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum gb trnLF 
Stryphnodendron fissuratum 
Stryphnodendron foreroi GTP 3465 
Stryphnodendron foreroi 
Stryphnodendron foreroi GTP 5623 
Stryphnodendron foreroi JSV 5462 
Stryphnodendron foreroi VRS49 CEN634 
Stryphnodendron foreroi GTP 6004 
Stryphnodendron foreroi Simon1652A CEN584 
Stryphnodendron foreroi GTP 6243 
Stryphnodendron gracile FRSP CFSC 11420 
Stryphnodendron gracile VRS39 CEN625 
Stryphnodendron gracile JRP CFSC 12218 
Stryphnodendron gracile GH 35285 
Stryphnodendron gracile LMB 193 
Stryphnodendron guianense RL 11228 
Stryphnodendron guianense SM 15361 
Stryphnodendron guianense WEB 896 
Stryphnodendron guianense PG 3278 
Stryphnodendron guianense ALB 6725 
Stryphnodendron guianense 
Stryphnodendron heringeri Simon1110 CEN580 
Stryphnodendron heringeri GH 60218 
Stryphnodendron heringeri VRS34 CEN622 
Stryphnodendron heringeri WRA 7682 
Stryphnodendron heringeri 
Stryphnodendron heringeri EPH 2636 
Stryphnodendron microstachyum CM 888 
Stryphnodendron microstachyum SS 195 
Stryphnodendron moricolor SM 15236 
Stryphnodendron obovatum VRS10 CEN600 
Stryphnodendron obovatum GE 9621 
Stryphnodendron obovatum GH 33180 
Stryphnodendron obovatum GH 65532 
Stryphnodendron obovatum AK 32876 
Stryphnodendron obovatum 
Stryphnodendron obovatum VRS25 CEN615 
Stryphnodendron obovatum BD 498 
Stryphnodendron obovatum VRS26 CEN616 
Stryphnodendron obovatum IGVC 3458 
Stryphnodendron obovatum BM 56258 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum SM 16130 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum Simon1597 CEN583 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum NTS 2567 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum EO 4040 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum 
Stryphnodendron occhionianum MFS 1597 
Stryphnodendron paniculatum 
Stryphnodendron paniculatum BAK 8538 
Stryphnodendron paniculatum Simon1058 CEN579 
Stryphnodendron paniculatum VRS18 CEN608 
Stryphnodendron paniculatum BAK 6441 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum APD 7973 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum GD 11444 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum HSI 22306 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum HSI 30292 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum CEN586 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum RMS 2659 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum VRS12 CEN602 
Stryphnodendron polyphyllum VRS8 CEN598 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum HSI 48381 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum CB 285 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum MGS 3126 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum CB 287 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum E sn NY 01476792 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum HSI 55179 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum gb trnLF 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum DS 3758 
Stryphnodendron polystachyum 
Stryphnodendron porcatum WP 8908 
Stryphnodendron porcatum WP 8019 
Stryphnodendron porcatum 
Stryphnodendron porcatum gb 
Stryphnodendron porcatum LJD 5821 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum SAM 11315 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum CACF 6503 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum VRS11 CEN601 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum VRS14 CEN604 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum VRS13 CEN603 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum CEN591 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum Simon980 CEN578 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum EMN 368 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum JRP 2662 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum MN 43030 
Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum AE 332 
Stryphnodendron pumilum VRS38 CEN624 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum JCC INPA/WWF 1202.3570 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum AAO 74 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum MP 77 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum DR s.n. NY 01204054 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum VRS17 CEN607 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum MRS 135 
Stryphnodendron racemiferum AAO 226 
Stryphnodendron roseiflorum VRS16 CEN606 
Stryphnodendron roseiflorum VRS40 CEN626 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium villosum VRS31 CEN620 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium VRS1 CEN592 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium CEN590 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium MLF 512 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium BMTW 2913 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium EP 10410 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium villosum VRS29 CEN618 
Stryphnodendron rotundifolium LGV 104 
Stryphnodendron velutinum VRS24 CEN614 
Stryphnodendron velutinum VRS23 CEN613