Project 2220: M. F. Simon, J. F. Pastore, A. F. Souza, L. M. Borges, V. R. Scalon, P. G. Ribeiro, J. Santos-Silva, V. C. Souza, L. P. Queiroz. 2016. Molecular Phylogeny of Stryphnodendron (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) and Generic Delimitations in the Piptadenia Group. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 177 (1):44-59.
This project has 398 taxa.
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Showing 6 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'V'.

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Vachellia farnesiana AMC 3857 
Vachellia farnesiana SRH 27179 
Vachellia farnesiana HSI 15870 
Vachellia farnesiana ACS 758 
Vachellia farnesiana JMP 58153 
Vachellia farnesiana