Project 2737: S. J. Hand, R. M. Beck, M. Archer, N. B. Simmons, G. F. Gunnell, R. P. Scofield, A. J. Tennyson, V. L. De Pietri, S. W. Salisbury, T. H. Worthy. 2018. A new, large-bodied omnivorous bat (Noctilionoidea: Mystacinidae) reveals lost morphological and ecological diversity since the Miocene in New Zealand. Scientific Reports. 8 (1):null.
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Astragalus dorsal
Astragalus ventral
Atlas caudal
Atlas cranial
Atlas dorsal
Atlas lateral
Atlas ventral
Axis cranial
Axis dorsal
Axis lateral
Axis ventral
Carpals dorsal
Carpals palmar
Caudal vertebrae dorsal
Caudal vertebrae ventral
Cervicals anterior
Cervicals dorsal
Cervicals lateral
Cervicals posterior
Cervicals ventral
Cervicals ventrolateral
Dentary labial
Dentition lower
Dentition lower and upper anterior
Dentition lower and upper, or whole skull
Dentition lower incisors
Dentition lower labial
Dentition lower lingual
Dentition lower m1 labial
Dentition lower m1 lingual
Dentition lower molar labial
Dentition lower molar lingual
Dentition lower molar occlusal
Dentition lower occlusal
Dentition lower occlusal anterior
Dentition upper
Dentition upper and lower incisors
Dentition upper cheek teeth lingual
Dentition upper incisors
Dentition upper labial
Dentition upper lingual
Dentition upper oblique 1
Dentition upper occlusal
Dentition upper occlusal anterior
Distal fibula
Femur head
Femur medial
Femur shaft
First Rib Lateral
First rib ventral
Foot Digits
Humerus caudal
Humerus cranial
Humerus distal
Humerus Head
Humerus lateral
Humerus medial
Knee joint
Live animal
Lower incisors
Lumbar dorsal
Lumbar lateral
Lumbar ventral
Manubrium lateral
Manubrium ventral
Metacarpals dorsal
Metacarpals Ventral
Occlusal View
Pelvis caudal
pelvis dorsal
Pelvis lateral
Pelvis ventral
Pes dorsal
Pes lateral
Pes medial
Pes plantar
Phalanges lateral
Proximal humerus
Proximal radius
Radius cranial
Radius distal
Radius proximal
Radius shaft
Rib cage dorsal
Rib cage lateral
Sacrum dorsal
Sacrum lateral
Sacrum ventral
Scapula caudal
Scapula caudal/axillary
Scapula cranial
Scapula dorsal
Scapula glenoid view
Scapula lateral
Scapula medial
Scapula ventral
Scapula vertebral
Second rib ventral
Skeleton dorsal
Skeleton or part of postcranium
Skeleton ventral
Sternum Ventral
Tarsals dorsal
Tarsals medial
Tarsals plantar
Tarsals ventral
Thoracic Dorsal
Thoracic lateral
Thoracic Ventral
Tibia cranial
Tibia lateral
Tibia medial
Tibia ventral
Tibia-femur articulation
Tibial caudal
Tooth nomenclature diagram
Ulna caudal
Ulna cranial
Ulna distal
Ulna lateral
Ulna medial
Ulna patella
Ulna proximal
Wrist dorsal
Wrist lateral
Wrist ventral