Project 3385: X. Ni, Q. Ji, W. Wu, Q. Shao, Y. Ji, C. Zhang, L. Liang, J. Ge, Z. Guo, J. Li, Q. Li, R. Grün, C. Stringer. 2021. Massive cranium from Harbin in northeastern China establishes a new Middle Pleistocene human lineage. The Innovation. 2 (3):100130.
This project has 178 taxa.
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Showing 40 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'H'.

* indicates that a taxon has NOT matched to the NCBI hierarchy.
# indicates that a taxon has been matched to a PBDB entry.

Habilis er1805 *
Habilis oh24 *
Habilis oh7 OH24 ER1805 *
Habilis oh7 *
Harbin *
Heidelbergensis arago ii *
Heidelbergensis arago xiii *
Heidelbergensis arago xxi-xlvii *
Heidelbergensis bodo *
Heidelbergensis broken hill *
Heidelbergensis ceprano *
Heidelbergensis mauer 1 *
Heidelbergensis petralona 1 *
Heidelbergensis steinheim s11 *
Hexian *
Homo neanderthalensis sh 15 *
Homo altaiensis 
Homo erectus 
Homo heidelbergensis 
Homo longi , 2021 
Homo neanderthalensis 
Homo neanderthalensis sh xxii 
Homo neanderthalensis sh12 
Homo neanderthalensis sh13 
Homo neanderthalensis sh17 
Homo neanderthalensis sh3 
Homo sapiens 
Homo sp. dali 
Homo sp. eliye springs 
Homo sp. hualongdong 
Homo sp. jinniushan 
Homo sp. maba 
Homo sp. narmada 
Homo sp. ndutu 
Homo sp. rabat 
Homo sp. stw53 
Homo sp. tabun c2 *
Homo sp. xiahe 
Homo sp. xuchang 
Hualongdong *